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Revolution Animal Behaviour Consulting and Training is proud of our team that contributes to providing excellent services to clients. Get to know the team by reading more below.

Puppy Class Trainer

My name is Hannah and I am a student at the University of Alberta studying animals, the environment, and agriculture. I have had animals my whole life and have primarily worked with them in the animal industry. Currently, I have a dog, a cat, and five horses. I used to competitive show jump before going off to school, now I am an instructor for young riders learning to jump. I still ride myself, taking my horses on trails always with my dog right in tow behind me. When I am not working or studying I am out in nature hiking, skiing, camping, or rock climbing. Animals are my passion and I hope to pursue a career with them once I am finished my degree.

Puppy Class Trainer 

My name is Leah and I am currently a student at the University of Alberta studying in the faculty of ALES. I am a part of the ski club there and when I’m not hanging with my animals I love to spend my time in the mountains. My entire life I have had animals and presently have a dog, cat and five horses. In the past I competitively show jumped horses until going off to school. Now I enjoy trail riding them at my own ranch where my dog loves to come with me. I am a horseback riding coach as well and have spent most of my working profession with horses and dogs. I hope to finish my degree and fulfill a career with animals.



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