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Welcome to Revolution Animal Behaviour Consulting and Training. My name is Erica Cheung and I lead the team at Revolution Animal Behaviour. I am clinical animal behaviourist, Animal Trainer and animal welfare advocate. My formal education includes advanced study in comparative psychology, animal behaviour, and animal welfare through my Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alberta. I also hold a graduate teaching certificate from the U of A. In 2021, I completed a Master of Science degree in clinical animal behaviour from the University of Edinburgh under the supervision of Dr. Karen Overall MA, VMD, PhD, Diplomate ACVB. Currently, I am working towards my PhD in Animal Behaviour & Welfare from the University of Lincoln (UK). When I am not continuing my education, I am working with clients to strengthen the human-animal bond and resolve behaviour issues through scientific evidence based, humane training techniques. I integrate my education and experience to implement effective behaviour modification, and to help others understand their animal’s needs.


In addition to my education, my experience in animal behaviour and welfare includes contribution to many research projects in animal behaviour and learning as a student and as a research assistant. I have been an invited speaker at the Alberta SPCA animal welfare conference, published articles on pet care in national magazines, and have used exclusively positive training in tracking, obedience, and protection work) for over half a decade. I also devote my time to equitation and hunter/jumper sport with my horses. 

My particular interests as a behaviourist are in dog aggression, reactivity and anxiety, and building a strong foundation for puppies in order to prevent future behaviour problems. I am also interested in parrot and small animal behaviour. An emerging area of my work is also in Equine behaviour problems and using scientific evidence based techniques to address behaviour issues. In addition to my graduate education, I regularly attend conferences, seminars, and classes from other professionals and universities to continue improving my teaching skills and methods. I stay up-to-date on the latest animal behaviour science research and apply this knowledge to work with clients.

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