Training Services

Personalized consults and training sessions for any species and issue. Contact for pricing and scheduling.


Behaviour Modification

We will work together to address behaviour concerns such as anxiety, fear/aggression, compulsive behaviours, etc. You will learn how to manage and support your animal while being guided through an effective, fear free, science based program.


Behaviour services available for dogs, cats, birds, and small/exotic animals!


Drop-off Training Sessions

Drop off your dog for a one hour training session. A review of training activities to continue working on after the session is provided. Group class content can also be covered. This option allows your pup to attend training while following COVID-19 restrictions.


An online consult may be required beforehand, depending on the issue(s) being addressed. 


Private Training Sessions

One on one training sessions allow for a customized approach. These sessions can cover any skill or activity that you wish, or may be a follow up to a behaviour modification consult. Class content can also be covered in private training sessions. 


Online sessions

Online training sessions, consults, and info sessions are a convenient and effective option. Work on a behaviour modification program, practice training activities, or learn about animal behaviour and welfare. Live online sessions allow you to utilize our services no matter where you are. This also allows you access to essential support even during COVID-19 restrictions. 


Training Walks

Revolution Animal Behaviour offers dog walking services on a limited basis for clients that need a little bit of extra training for leash manners, socialization, or reactivity. Please contact for more info.