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Training Services

Group Classes

Classes are running almost continuously so there is always something available to join in. Inquire by email or follow Revolution Animals on Facebook and Instagram pages for up-to-date information on upcoming classes! You can also subscribe for updates on class offerings 


Ages 8-14wks (16 wks for small breeds)

Puppy Preschool

Puppy socialization and training is essential to preventing behaviour problems and helping your puppy reach their full potential. This fear free Puppy Preschool will set your puppy up for success by providing safe socialization opportunities, introducing important early life-skills, and developing calm behaviour and focus. Puppy socials are included.


All ages

Advanced Distractions Class

This challenging 4 weeks class builds on Distractions class. The goal is to complete as much of the class as possible off leash, but will be tailored to your pup's skill level. You and your dog will learn advanced focus, recall, leave it, heeling skills and more!

An outdoor option is available May-September.

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All ages welcome

Revolution Recall Class

Recall is one of the most important skills for any dog. Whether you are starting out with a puppy or have a grown dog that has learned to ignore your call, this class will help. Over 4 weeks we cover many fun and exciting exercises to motivate your dog to come when called. 

*This class is held outdoors during May-September.

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All ages welcome

Precision Heeling

Precision heeling is the foundation skill for most dog sports and activties. It displays the bond and coordination between you and your dog. Over 4 weeks, you and your dog will learn the fundamentals of focus in stationary and moving position, how to move in unison, pivot, back up, and finishes. This class is suitable for all dog breeds and ages, but you will get the most out of this activity if your dog is food and/or toy motivated.


Up to 6m (some exceptions)

Socialization Sessions

Bring your puppy to play with other puppies, and socialize with me and two puppy class trainers. These sessions can be attended on a drop-in basis or as part of Puppy Preschool.











All ages welcome

Cooperative Care Class

Brushing, nail trims, teeth brushing, and routine physical exams shouldn’t be scary! Whether your dog/puppy struggles with allowing one or more of these handling activities, or you are taking a proactive approach, this class is for you. Over 4 weeks we will work together to help your dog not only become comfortable with handling and grooming, but also a willing participant.

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All ages welcome

Intro Scent Detection

Research shows that encouraging your dog to use their sense of smell is beneficial to reducing stress and anxiety. It is also a great way to exercise body and mind without requiring significant space. Concepts from class can be used for fun scent detection activities at home, or applied to competitive scent detection training.

Online and in-person classes available.


All ages welcome

Fun Dog Drop In

Classes can be hard to fit in to a busy schedule. Fun Dog Drop In is for those that want to practice skills and enjoy the experience of a class without the weekly commitment. Every class features a different theme ranging from tricks, stays, leash manners, and more! Sign up through a Doodle Poll for the classes that interest you and match your schedule. 


**Dogs must have attended a class or private session previously (through Revolution Animals or others trainers).


All ages

Distractions Class

This popular 4 week force-free class will take your dog's skills to the next level beyond the basics. We will be working on specific behaviours such as down-stays, sit-stays, recalls, loose leash walking skills, polite greetings, etc. The goal of this class is to build skills that you will use daily outside of the class environment.

An outdoor option is available May-September.


Graduates of Distractions Class

Mission Impawssible

The jump from class to real world situations can be challenging. Over 3 weeks we will practice implementing your Distractions Class exercises in real life situations. This will include loose leash walking in public, polite greetings with dogs and people, down stays with uncontrolled distraction, etc. This is a great class to prepare for therapy dog certification as well as to refine your dogs manners.

Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 2.02.09 AM.png

All ages welcome

Advanced Skills Class

This 4 week class is a fun way to build your dog’s skills and sample a variety of Canine sport activities. Advanced Skills class combines challenging obedience activities, such as precision heeling, with obstacle exercises. No previous experience with these skills is required, but dogs must know basic cues including sit and down, and should be able to work in a class environment around other dogs.

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